Javier López-Contreras

Javier López-Contreras

Here is a selection of some notes, presentations and problemsets I have written over the last year.

  • Undergraduate thesis. On Artin's Conjecture about primes with a prescribed primitive root. Thesis, Slides.

  • Solved Problemsets of Algebraic Number Theory (U. C. Berkeley's Math 254A). Document

  • Final Presentation of summer research experience at ICMAT. About the Tate Module. Slides

  • Term paper for Algebraic Geometry. About the Hurwitz Automorphism Theorem. Slides (in Catalan)

  • Solved Problemsets of Abstract Algebra. Document

Computer Science
  • Term paper for Programming Languages. About PonyLang. Slides.

  • Some (easy) competitive programming problems created by me. (in Catalan) Formigues, Camins, Espiral, Bronques

  • Introductory course to Computer Engineering (hardware, operating systems and networks) aimed at 1st year students at my university. Slides (in Catalan).

Last Update: September 1st 2023