Javier López-Contreras

Javier López-Contreras

Master in Advanced Studies at Cambridge University


Part III of Cambridge's Mathematical Tripos

Visiting Student at U. C. Berkeley


Audited graduate courses

  • Algebraic Geometry. Math 256A-256B. Lecturer Yunqing Tang
    • Scheme Theory, Curve Theory, Sheaf Cohomology
  • Algebraic Number Theory. Math 254A-254B. Lecturer Martin Olsson
Undergraduate Degree at Universitat Politècnica of Catalunya


Selected sublist of the subjects. Find the full list, including grades, here

  • Algebraic Geometry. Lecturer Pere Pascual.
    • Algebraic Curves, Bezout Thm., Noether Thm., Riemann Surfaces, Riemann-Roch Thm., Resolution of Singularities
    • Term paper about Hurwitz Automorphism Thm. Slides (in Catalan).
  • Abstract Algebra. Lecturer Josep Alvarez
    • Category Theory, Modules, Derived Functor, Algebraic Varieties, Hilbert Nullstellensatz
    • Solved Problem Sets
  • Combinatorics and Graph Theory
    • Symbolic Method, Polya Enumeration, Latin Squares, Matchings, Connectivity, Planarity, Colorings
  • Theory of Computation
    • Automata, Grammars, Turing Machines, Complexity, Decidibility
  • Algebraic Structures
    • Groups, Rings, Fields, Introduction to Modules
  • Topology
    • Pointset Topology, Separability, Compact Surfaces, Homotopy, Coverings

Last Update: September 1st 2023